What Types of Jobs Require an Enhanced DBS Check?

When it comes to employment, there are certain roles that require a more thorough background check than others. An employer can decide if any job requires a DBS check, and it is their responsibility to check if a position is eligible for standard or enhanced DBS verification. This article provides a guide to DBS checks, including details on who can apply for them, who needs an improved DBS check, jobs that don't require DBS checks, and what jobs you can get with a criminal record. As an expert in the field of background checks, I'm often asked what types of jobs require an enhanced DBS check.

The answer is that it depends on the exact nature of the role and the level of responsibility it entails. Jobs in some high-responsibility professions, such as finance, law and security, and jobs that place candidates in positions of trust may require standard or improved DBS controls. Enhanced DBS checks are the most detailed level of checking a person's background. People can't request this type of check; requests for improved DBS verification can only be made in connection with a specific job.

If your job involves working with children or vulnerable adults, you'll need to undergo standard or improved DBS screening. Which one you need will depend on the exact nature of your role. In addition, employers need to know what types of jobs need improved DBS verification—it's not up to you to figure it out yourself. When it comes to standard DBS controls, employers often request them for moderate to high-responsibility roles, such as those involving financial management. There is no legal obligation to carry out these checks, but some governing bodies, such as the FCA, recommend them in their guidelines. A set of documents that you can use to decide if a position is eligible for basic, standard, or improved DBS verification is available.

You should be aware that when requesting that your DBS application be withdrawn, your potential employer may withdraw a job offer or take action if you are currently in a position and DBS verification is part of a review process. This generally reduces the time it takes for the check to be processed, but processing can take up to 10 business days for standard DBS and up to 28 days for improved DBS. This occurs when someone requests enhanced DBS verification to work with children or adults under certain circumstances, such as those receiving medical or personal care, and the verification reveals relevant information that results in the person being considered for inclusion on one or both of the prohibited lists. DBS cannot access criminal records found overseas, so a DBS check may not provide a full picture of an applicant's criminal record if they have lived outside the UK. DBS verification is how organizations can be sure that they are doing everything in their power to protect all the people they have a responsibility to protect. Standard and improved DBS controls also reveal the precautions issued over a six-year period for adults and a two-year period for those under 18. You can also contact Unlock or Nacro, charities that can advise you on how to contact employers who may have requested an incorrect level of DBS verification. A basic DBS check is the most common request in relation to criminal records and can be used for a multitude of roles where the person has little responsibility or is not required to work with children or vulnerable adults.

An organization is breaking the law if it submits an application for a standard, improved, or improved DBS with banned lists. Check if the position you applied for doesn't qualify for that level of verification. One of the main implications for employers who do not carry out or maintain DBS controls on the staff (paid and voluntary) that requires them is the possibility that a staff member, customer, service user or customer of the employer may suffer mental or physical harm. As mentioned above, any work that involves being responsible or that is critical to protection may require a DBS check. In conclusion, it's important for employers to understand what types of jobs require an enhanced DBS check and what they need to know about requesting one. Jobs in high-responsibility professions such as finance and security may require standard or enhanced checks depending on their exact nature.

Enhanced checks are only available upon request from an employer and cannot be requested by individuals themselves. It's also important for employers to understand what types of jobs don't require any kind of background check at all.