What Does an Enhanced DBS Check Allow You to Do?

Enhanced DBS checks are used to screen individuals for roles that involve working with vulnerable adults or children. This type of check includes the same information as a standard DBS check, plus any additional information that appears about the individual in local police records. It will only include this additional information if the police chief deems it relevant. Enhanced DBS checks take an average of 8 days to be issued by DBS, and 67% are returned in less than 5 business days. Enhanced DBS checks are only available to employers who need to make a decision about the hiring or suitability of a person working in a regulated activity.

If someone has been convicted of any of these crimes (whatever their age), they will never be excluded from standard or enhanced DBS screening. However, it is very rare for police to include information about enhanced DBS control that is not related to a conviction. If someone was reprimanded for any of these crimes when they were 18 years old or younger, they can delete it from their DBS record. For example, if Leila was applying for a job that involves regularly working with unsupervised children, she would need to undergo an enhanced DBS check. Some convictions and warnings are filtered during the verification process to obtain a standard or enhanced DBS. In some cases, police may believe that information related to the individual's mental health is relevant to a DBS review.

Online identity verification is an additional way to confirm an applicant's identity during an online DBS verification. Some sectors, such as education, health, social care, immigration services, government, and finance, require mandatory standard or enhanced DBS control. It is important to understand what a DBS check is and what you can do if you're unhappy with the information the police have about you.