Can You Appeal the Results of an Enhanced DBS Check? - A Comprehensive Guide

If you feel that the details or information contained in your DBS verification are incorrect, you can challenge it by notifying the DBS as soon as possible. If your appeal is successful, the DBS will issue a second certificate to you at no extra cost. Both applicants and employers or licensing authorities can appeal a DBS check, provided they have spoken to the applicant first. Unfortunately, convictions that result in a prison sentence or suspension of sentence cannot be excluded from standard or enhanced DBS certificates, and will remain on these levels of control until your 100th birthday.

If you were found guilty of intentional injury (Section 1) or intentional injury (Section 20), these crimes will always appear on the DBS list and cannot be filtered. The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) is mainly used in the labor sector to check the background of potential employees. To do this, you can follow the Manage DBS checks link, which will allow you to view your certificate. If you received a warning when you were over 18 years old, it will appear on your enhanced DBS certificate for at least 6 years.

I am pleased to confirm that your warning from 2000 is eligible for filtering and will no longer appear on your enhanced DBS certificate. As it has already been filtered (removed) from both your standard and enhanced DBS certificates, it is considered “protected” and does not need to be disclosed to the RSPCA during the contracting process. Since you have not been convicted of anything, nothing will appear in the main body of your enhanced DBS certificate. Non-conviction Filtered Allegations (NFAs) do not appear in the main body of an enhanced DBS certificate and do not need to be revealed to employers.

However, depending on the crime for which you were convicted and the legislation under which you were convicted, some convictions can be filtered (removed) from standard and enhanced DBS certificates after 11 years. If it is determined that an error has been made, the DBS check will be amended immediately and a new certificate will be issued free of charge. As her husband has seen, under the Offender Rehabilitation Act (ROA), her caution is considered spent and no longer appears on a basic DBS check. You'll be glad to know that it can also be filtered and would therefore not be disclosed in either a standard or an enhanced DBS certificate.