How Long Does an Enhanced DBS Check Take to Process? - A Comprehensive Guide

It is essential for multiple police forces to take part in the control of an enhanced DBS check. The completion time for this type of verification can range from 24 hours to 14 days, and the time it takes to receive a certificate can be between 4 and 8 weeks, although in rare cases it can take longer. There is no straightforward answer to how long it takes for a check to be completed. Generally, it takes 8 weeks, but for people with many old addresses or name changes, this could take longer.

On the other hand, some checks can be quite simple and take less time. An employer who carries out many DBS checks will usually know how long they take to finish and will allow a person to start working with some restrictions while waiting for the documentation, or will ask them to wait until the certificate is issued. A DBS certificate does not have an expiration date and each employer will have their own policies on how often it must be renewed, if at all. Enhanced DBS checks are the most comprehensive criminal background check available in the UK, which also means they have the longest processing time of all the DBS controls. However, the DBS still recommends that they be completed within 14 days. At present, the response time for a DBS Check is 5 to 10 days.

This is based on the average time it takes to complete a DBS verification request, which can vary depending on several factors such as local police records, the addresses of multiple applicants, name changes or other external factors. According to our frequently asked questions, we aim to process basic DBS checks within 5 to 10 business days after they are submitted and the certificate is sent by mail. The police and DBS carry out standard DBS checks which will issue certificates directly to the applicant with an expected response time of 48 hours once submitted. The police and DBS also carry out enhanced DBS checks but since these controls are more detailed, the average response time is also 5 to 10 business days. Standard DBS checks have an expected delivery time of 48 hours and a certificate is issued to the applicant once completed.

The employer then verifies your identity documents such as your passport and sends the form to DBS. For positions that involve regular contact with vulnerable people such as those in the health sector, there is a need for enhanced DBS checks. To sum up, most of the time DBS checks will be processed in a matter of days, usually no more than a week, sometimes as fast as a few hours depending on the level of DBS control performed but in some cases the request can take much longer due to errors in the form or a delay on the part of the police. Online DBS verification requests have revolutionized the process offering applicants a faster and more efficient route to obtaining their results. By following the DBS verification process and using the appropriate level of controls organizations can ensure a safer work environment and make informed decisions that protect the interests and well-being of their workforce and wider community.

Stage 4 of the online application is when your DBS check is sent to local police and compared with your criminal record. There are cases where DBS checks are delayed because police have had to leave everything aside to deal with important police events that have exhausted their resources. In this digital age more and more employers are using software solutions to perform annual and pre-employment DBS checks. Different types of DBS checks are needed because each one has its own purpose; for example enhanced control is required when more information is needed from someone such as detailed police control. In the UK there are three different types of criminal background checks (also known as DBS checks) available for employers. When considering how long it takes for a DBS check, it's important to remember that no umbrella body can 100% guarantee that your check will be returned in a specific period of time.

A basic check can take as little as 1 business day while an enhanced DBS verification, where both police and DBS complete the application together, can take up to 4 weeks which isn't ideal for employers who need to complete verifications for potential employees if they have to wait longer than expected.