Expediting the Processing of an Enhanced DBS Check: Tips to Speed Up Your DBS Verification

Are you looking for ways to make your DBS application come back faster? The more accurate and detailed the information you provide, the faster your DBS request will be processed. Yes, online checks are faster, but if there is a lack of information or errors, they will slow down, as DBS staff will have to do some research to get the right information. In the age of the Internet, where we can access information 24 hours a day and get an answer to any question in a matter of seconds, any delay can be frustrating. This is especially true when you have the chance to get a great new job, but you have to wait for the paperwork to arrive.

Disclosure controls, also known as CRB checks or DBS checks, are essential for a wide range of occupations where employers want to analyze staff backgrounds. Depending on the position, you may not be allowed to start working until you receive your DBS certificate, so it's understandable that you want to speed up the process. Unfortunately, there is no “fast track” option with DBS checks, where you pay a little more and get an express service. However, there are a lot of things you can do to ensure that you get your certificate as soon as possible.

Other government departments, such as the passport office, offer fast service where you can pay more for fast service. In case of emergency, there is also the option to go to the passport office in person and pay even more for a same-day service. This isn't offered as an option at all and you should be wary of companies that promise a same-day DBS billing service, a next-day service, or some other wording that tries to convince you that they have some special fast service. At UCheck, the average time it takes us to process a standard or improved DBS check is just 48 hours.

However, there may be variations in research time. It all depends on the DBS delivery times and the police force to which DBS requests are sent. In the United Kingdom, London is a city where DBS checks usually take a little longer to complete, possibly due to the number of applications submitted on behalf of potential employees. There is a list on the DBS website of approved documents and it's worth checking that the combination of documents you have is correct.

If, for example, you had a standard DBS and joined Update, you won't be able to use the system when you apply for a job that requires improved verification. If your DBS verification has taken more than 60 days to process, you or the coordinating body through which you submitted the application can issue a referral to the DBS to expedite your request. Sometimes the deadline for a DBS verification is based on the level of verification being requested and sometimes there is no set deadline or deadline. As soon as the DBS staff has finished their work and the DBS verification has been done, you will find out, helping you make your decision to hire or continue working much more quickly.

So let's explore how DBS deadlines work, variations in background research and how you can use this knowledge to speed up your checks. Once you have received your first DBS verification and signed up for the system, you can log in every time you want to view your DBS details or send a link to your employer for them to access. All checks are processed by Staffvetting which is recognized by the Disclosure and Prohibition Service as an organization responsible for basic checks (Gov). While there is currently no specific option available to speed up the DBS process, there are certain steps that can be taken to try and expedite the steps necessary to complete a DBS verification.

For standard and improved DBS controls which are organized by employers, the successful candidate must ensure that they provide all necessary documentation as soon as possible. When considering DBS deadlines especially for improved DBS controls it's worth noting that sometimes local law enforcement can delay requests in stage four. You can get results from an online DBS check in as little as 48 hours which compared to delivery time of paper application with an average wait time of four weeks is much more efficient. In conclusion most DBS checks will be processed in days usually no more than one week sometimes as fast as few hours depending on level of control performed but in some cases request can take much longer due to errors in form or delay on part of police.