How Often Should You Renew an Enhanced DBS Check?

DBS checks don't have an official expiry date, but it is recommended that they be updated every three years. The service costs 13 pounds a year and commences from the date the DBS certificate was issued. Payment can only be made by debit or credit card, and you can use someone else's card with their permission. You can renew your subscription to the Update Service annually, and all apps and DBS certificates attached to your subscription must have the same name.

If you change your name, you can link a new DBS certificate to your subscription. You can also modify your email, mobile phone number, or mailing address at any time by logging into your account. You can change your payment details within 30 days from the date of renewal of the subscription and if you have selected automatic renewal. If you delete a certificate, you can't add it again or use it to create another Update Service account.

You cannot add a DBS certificate for a paid position to a free subscription that was created with a DBS certificate for a volunteer position; you will need to create a new subscription for the paid certificate. The minimum age at which someone can be asked to apply for a DBS check is 16. Employers have the right to require staff to renew their checks after a certain period of time, with some choosing to do so as frequently as 6 months, while others do so annually. Generally, applicants can expect their DBS application to be fully completed in approximately five business days. To ensure critical functions or activities regulated by the DBS are safeguarded, employers or organizations must have a policy that defines how regularly DBS controls must be updated and renewed.

Depending on the level of protection required and the nature of the functions, the DBS renewal period can range from six months to three years. To renew a DBS check, you'll still need to provide a series of documents that prove your identity and address. Many recommend that you get a DBS check every three years, but employers can do it as often as necessary. Those who are regulated may need to perform DBS checks at more frequent intervals, so the frequency may depend on the job position and the company's policy regarding DBS checks.

It is important for employers and organizations to understand how often they should renew their Enhanced DBS Checks in order to ensure that their staff are up-to-date with their background checks. The recommended frequency is every three years, however employers may choose to do this more frequently depending on their needs and policies. Renewing an Enhanced DBS Check requires applicants to provide documents that prove their identity and address, and this process usually takes around five business days. It is important for employers and organizations to have policies in place that define how regularly these checks should be updated.