Do Certain Jobs Require an Enhanced DBS Check? - A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to hiring, employers need to be sure that they are taking all the necessary steps to protect those in their care. To do this, many organizations require a DBS check (formerly known as CRB checks) as part of their recruitment process. But are there any jobs that are exempt from requiring an enhanced DBS check?The answer is yes. Certain jobs related to national security or police are exempt from DBS filtering, meaning that all convictions and warnings will appear on a DBS check.

This includes traffic wardens, people involved in animal welfare, and administrators who have direct and regular contact with the general public. The level of DBS verification needed for the position (basic, standard, or improved) is decided at the employer's discretion. It's important to note that DBS may recover the application fee if box 68 is checked by mistake and this could result in the cancellation of your DBS registration. Additionally, DBS cannot access criminal records found overseas, so a DBS check may not provide a full picture of an applicant's criminal record if they have lived outside the UK. Some potential job candidates may consider that obtaining a basic DBS certificate can improve their prospects of getting a position, and some potential employers may include a basic DBS certificate as part of their criteria for the position or may request a basic DBS verification as part of their hiring process. It's also important to remember that a DBS check is only one part of hiring practice. Employers should also take into account other factors such as qualifications, experience, and references when making hiring decisions. To view the standard and improved controls, in which we have referenced the list of DBS exceptions, visit the DBS eligibility guide.

If you think an employer is asking for an enhanced DBS check when it is not necessary, please note that this topic is related to the Offender Rehabilitation Act and can affect anyone who has had a brush with the law, no matter how minor. We've also published a fact sheet that looks at stage 4 in more detail and explores the role police play in the DBS verification process. Additionally, anyone, regardless of occupation, can request a basic DBS verification and obtain a DBS certificate; there are no eligibility criteria and this is not a specific position at this level. In conclusion, certain jobs are exempt from requiring an enhanced DBS check. However, employers should take into account other factors such as qualifications, experience, and references when making hiring decisions.