Are DBS Checks Really Worth It?

When it comes to safety and security in the workplace, DBS checks are an essential part of the process. For many organizations, they are a legal requirement, providing employers with peace of mind that they are hiring staff who do not have any convictions related to the position. Additionally, DBS checks protect employers from liability in the event that their clients or other organizations make accusations against an individual. Although DBS checks can be expensive depending on the level requested, it is not worth the risk to not pay for them. At Access Screening, we understand that cost is an important factor when it comes to choosing a supplier for DBS checks.

That's why we offer competitive prices; our prices start at £18 per check, which is the same as the basic DBS check. We also don't charge more if your DBS check is backed up and sent to the DBS service the same day you send it to us; this is normal. The purpose of a DBS check is to promote safety, security, and trust within organizations and communities. The processing time for a DBS check can range from a few days to several weeks, provided that the information entered is correct. However, it's important to note that processing times may vary due to the complexity of individual cases and the level of verification being performed. Some people consider DBS checks to constitute an invasion of privacy, even for candidates without a criminal record.

However, for many organizations, DBS tests are essential to their operation. Regulated activities mean that anyone who works with children or vulnerable adults on a frequent basis must be subject to DBS control. At Access Screening, we support organizations by providing them with the software and the ability to streamline the process of performing DBS checks. We understand that it can be difficult for unemployed individuals to pay for a DBS check, but it is worth it in order to ensure safety and security in the workplace.