How to Get an Enhanced DBS Check as a Freelancer

People can't apply for improved DBS checks themselves, only employers can do so and only if the position is eligible for one. This is to prevent DBS from having to process unnecessary requests and as a preventive measure against fraud. For example, a person working as an independent nanny could get their DBS check improved from Ofsted, the regulatory body for schools and daycares. People who are self-employed and are eligible for an improved DBS check can get it through the regulatory or governing body for their industry or profession, or sometimes from their local authority.In the case of an improved DBS, the level of disclosure of the certificate is practically the same as that of a standard DBS control, as it details all the details of a person's criminal record.

Another good example is taxi drivers, for whom the municipality responsible for issuing a driver's license often provides their DBS checks. In short, freelancers can't apply for improved DBS checks online in the same way they can request a basic check. A DBS certificate is required to work in specific sectors and industries, depending on the groups of people you are expected to work with. There is a level of DBS verification that people can request for themselves, without needing authorization from the company. Depending on the sector in which you work and as long as you meet the aptitude requirements, you can request standard or improved DBS check through your local authority or the appropriate governing body.

Many freelancers are being asked to apply online for DBS controls for the organizations in which they work. All of these can be jobs that anyone could do as a freelancer, many of which you wouldn't expect to need DBS control. DBS controls are designed for employers to check the records of potential employees who are working for them. My new employer is asking for an improved DBS, which is fine, but they want to steal 106 pounds from me for it. The only exception is that they are checked against the DBS list of banned children and adults (when applicable) and with the information provided by local police forces that they deem appropriate. As a freelancer, you may be asked to provide an enhanced DBS check in order to work in certain sectors or industries.

It's important to understand that you cannot apply for an enhanced DBS check yourself - only employers can do so if the position is eligible. However, depending on your sector and qualifications, you may be able to request a standard or improved DBS check through your local authority or governing body. It's important to note that while an enhanced DBS check provides more detailed information than a standard one, it still only provides information about your criminal record. It does not provide any other information about your background or qualifications. Therefore, it's important to make sure that you meet all of the requirements set out by your employer before applying for an enhanced DBS check.