What is the Best DBS Check for Your Business?

An improved DBS check is the most comprehensive criminal background verification available, and is the one that most accurately reveals a person's criminal history. This type of check will search for warnings, admonitions, and convictions (both executed and unexecuted) on an applicant's record. It is typically used for roles that involve working with vulnerable adults or children. The improved DBS check includes all the controls provided by a standard disclosure, as well as additional checks to see if any prohibited persons lists are applicable and information provided by local police, the Department of Education and Skills, and the Department of Health.

A basic criminal background check is a simpler version of a DBS check that only shows convictions that have been paid for by an individual or employer. The DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check is an official criminal background check that reveals a person's criminal convictions, which is performed when a request is made by an individual or employer. The improved DBS check will show both convictions handed down and not used, as well as any relevant information held by local police. When it comes to selecting the best type of DBS Check for your business, it's important to understand the differences between the three types available. A basic check can be completed in a few days, but this will only indicate if the applicant can start working in a supervised position or if the employer must wait to receive the full results of the improved DBS check.

Background checks are common when applying for a job, but it can be difficult to know which DBS Check is best for your company. It is up to the employer to cover the cost or to require the employee to pay for their own DBS check. An improved DBS check will show the same details as a standard DBS check, but it can also include a list of prohibited people, which clarifies whether a person is prohibited from working with children and vulnerable adults. The DBS tracking feature allows you to see the status of requests at a glance and you'll receive another automatic notification as soon as the check is complete. While getting the details right and thoroughly checking the DBS can help speed up the process, there are still cases where it takes several weeks to complete a background check.

A criminal background check can be referred to by several names, but in many cases it will be referred to as a criminal background check. Standard DBS verification is mandatory for attorneys, accountants, and other high-responsibility positions. The National Police Computer (PNC) checks a person's criminal record, convictions, and warnings. When deciding which type of DBS Check is best for your company, it's important to consider all your options carefully. An improved DBS Check offers the highest level of accuracy when it comes to revealing an applicant's criminal history, so this should be your first choice when hiring for roles that involve working with vulnerable adults or children. However, if you're looking for a simpler version of a background check that only reveals convictions that have been paid for by an individual or employer then you may want to opt for a basic criminal background check instead.